All healthcare settings are heavily regulated and rightly so, through discussions with these settings and our own experiences, it is apparent that it is a challenge to ensure that these standards are met which can lead to poor standards of care and non compliancy with regulatory bodies. We work closely with our customers and apply a ‘Training Together’ approach to resolve the issues, this has many positive benefits:

  • Ensures compliance and meets mandatory requirements
  • Empowers your staff to be confident in their work and up to date
  • Demonstrates a commitment to ongoing training and CPD
  • Demonstrates commitment and compliance to regulatory bodies (e.g Care Quality Commission, Local Authority, Legislation)
  • Gives assurance that training needs are being met to providers, clients and stakeholders.
  • Boosts and supports external provider relationships (e.g CQC, CCG, Local Authority)
  • Can support productivity of the organisation 
  • Reduces the risk of errors and a breech in regulations

We can:

  • Deliver bespoke training to meet the different needs of each sector or organisation.
  • Monitor your training needs to ensure your staff remain safe to practice
  • Adapt training to meet the learner’s specific needs.
  • Arrange the training at the employer or within a ‘Shared Learning’ environment, this is great for sharing new ideas!

‘We are aware of the level of accountability and responsibility placed on care managers, the ability to monitor and measure staff development and performance can be difficult.’

As an established training partner we will ensure that we manage your organisational training needs and update you regularly. This gives you the opportunity to take back your valuable time while we take care of the demand and ensure you are compliant.

Our tutors are all sector-based professionals with years of occupational experience supported by academic and training qualifications, you can be confident that the training and development you receive will be to the highest standards.

To educate is to empower. We can help you take that first step.